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youngdung dhargyal's fundraiser

7 July 2012 days to go
Dear All My name is Youngdung Dhargyal. I am a Tibetan refugee, born and brought up in India. My parents fled Tibet in 1960s after the Chinese invasion and they currently reside in India. For the last seven years I have been working for wServe eSolutions Private Limited,campaigning successfully in USA,UK,AUS,CAN,IND,NEPAL.(www.wserve.com), a web solution company specialized in web design, e-commerce, search engine promotion, online marketing and database integration, Currently, I am the Head of India operation. I have been with this company since its inception and I love this company as much as Sir Richard loves Virgin. Besides work I have other aspirations as well and one such is changing lives of drug and alcohol addicted Tibetans. Drug & Alcohol Addiction in our society is not looked upon as disease, and instead it is merely looked upon as a bad habit that brings shame to families and community. I wish people understand addiction as a disease, such as tuberculosis or cancer, and look after them with kindness, tolerance and patience. I took spasmo-proxyvon, an illegal prescription drug, while in school and caused so many headaches to my parents and myself. Luckily, my most compassionate mother helped me through and I am now a productive member of a society. However, not all are as lucky as I am. I have seen people who have been to rehabilitation centres and come clean for months but then society and family members break them down with usual bickering. I am often worried about these young people, who have lost their respect—dropped-out from society, school and family, have absolutely no financial means to support themselves except by begging and stealing. I want to create a center where these people can be treated, trained and give them jobs to become productive members of the society. I do not know how long it will take me to achieve, but till then I sincerely request the society to be more generous and have compassion and empathy to look at addictions as disease.
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